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1 Day Camping at Point Mugu Sycamore Canyon Campground 



Published on September 10, 2020


Quick drive to Point Mugu State Park 

Living in Santa Monica, the drive out to Point Mugu State Park is a quick 50 minute drive. Anyone living in LA area should definitely take advantage of having such a beautiful park and campground nearby. 

There are several campgrounds at Point Mugu State Park, but we stayed at the Sycamore Canyon Campground. The campground is right off the Pacific Coast Highway so the drive up there in itself is a treat. 

There's Whole Foods on the way to the campground at Malibu (23401 Civic Center Way, Malibu, CA 90265) so no need to go grocery shopping in advance. You can just stop by and pick up everything including firewood, which they sell for $8 a bundle. The campground also has firewood, but the camp hosts weren't available when we got there so we were lucky to have gotten them before getting to the camp. 

Setting up at site 11

We didn't have to make any reservation because it was during the week, but if you are aiming for a weekend, I would definitely advise making a reservation months in advance. You can make online reservation at Reserve California. Sycamore Canyon Campground is $45 a night. 
Site 11 is probably one of the best sites because it is tucked away in the very back right next to the trail and being in the corner, gives you more space than some of the other sites. This is pretty important because one downside to Sycamore Canyon Campground is that the campsites are pretty close together. 

Dinner time

The campsite has a large fire pit and an attached grill, but we always carry around our 14 inch Weber grill. We grilled some steak, made coffee from Alana's Roaster, and opened up a fresh coconut. For dessert, we had cupcakes from a local bakery. Goes down very smoothly with a cup of Yigacheffe coffee. 

Settling in for the night

The new iPhone 11 pro can take some amazing photos. We settled in our tent and looked outside for a while, listening to the wind whistling outside. 

Waking up in the morning 

The morning here is fantastic. You aren't waking up to the smell of LA pollution. The air's crisp and fresh and you have birds chirping everywhere. Being able to wake up to the fresh smell of trees alone is worth staying the night out here. 

Morning walk to the beach

There's an underpass that leads to the beach off the overflow parking lot. You can access the beach during low tide. It's really accessible and feels like a secret hideaway. We are going to bring a jetboil next time and make coffee here in the morning. 


For breakfast, we grilled some bacon, heated up some hash browns, and made eggs. All that paired with a nice cup of freshly brewed coffee.

The checkout time is 12PM, so we had to pack up our stuff after breakfast. 

Lunch at Broad Street Oyster Company 

As I had mentioned before, a great upside to camping at Point Mugu State Park is how close it is from Malibu. 

On our way back, we wanted to get some fresh seafood so we stopped by at Broad Street Oyster Company. We ordered a dozen oysters, clam chowder, an order of fries and beer. The weather was nice and the restaurant has a great view of a little creek that leads out to the sea. Clam chowder here was actually pretty good. Would definitely visit again on my next trip.  

Final Thoughts 

I think Point Mugu State Park is a phenomenal park. People can go hiking, surfing, swimming, biking, camping, and a myriad of other activities. 

Sycamore Canyon Campground at Point Mugu is an exceptional campground in that you get to enjoy all the activities mentioned above for days if you wanted to. 

However, I think what sets the park and the campground apart from many other campgrounds in California is how accessible it is and how close it is from one of the largest cities in the world: Los Angeles. Los Angeles is famous for its bad air-quality and terrible traffic. The fact that you can drive 50 minutes north to find such a quite place with phenomenal air, wildlife, and tranquility is something that anyone in the area should take full advantage of. There is also a beauty in being able to enjoy both the sea and the mountain on a single day.

I'll definitely be coming back here soon.